China Air Quality Index

The most reliable App for avoid China Air Pollution, Real-time broadcasting air quality index of more than 400 major cities in China, the data used is come from U.S. Embassy and China MEP.

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On your wrist

The App have been updated with support for the Apple Watch, bring a brand-new lifestyle for people who care about air quality, experience the well designed UI and interaction on your wrist.

Users could quickly check the current air quality and weather information at a Glance. When the air quality improved or deteriorated, you will receive timely notification through Actionable Notification, make your Apple Watch a best assistant for healthy living.

Support More than 200 Cities in China

Besides the data published by China MEP, the App also support data published by US Embassy or Consulate which currently include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenyang.


Could view current temperature, wind, humidity, visibility. Provide weather forecast for the next 24 hours and 8 days, in which we highlight the wind information, to make a valid reference for predicting future air quality trends.

Monitoring Sites

Show air quality information from your nearest monitoring station, you also could check all the monitoring stations. Provide data from more than 1200 monitoring stations for over 200 cities.


It's much more intuitive to compare the air quality among several cities.

Historical Data

You can view the short-term trends of air quality index and pollutants, and check the distribution of air quality grades for up to 2 years.

Besides the historical data for one city, we also provide the Air Quality Rank.


You can send current air quality data and screenshot to Friends via Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Wechat Friend / Timeline, Tencent Weibo, SMS and Email.